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Production process of SOMEFLU pumps

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Phosphate Fertilizer Industry


Plastic process pump for fertilizer industry

With the aim to answer the international market requirements in the mining area, Someflu realizes the manufacture of 72 pumps for the most part, completely made of ultra high molecular weight Polyethylene SOMEDUR® (molar mass > 9.2 millions g/mol), which may be up to 1500 m3/h.

These pumps are used to handle corrosive and abrasive fluids (containing silica), for tough conditions and environments, they are equipped with double mechanical seal with lubrication bottle, driven by 315kW motors, also equipped with sensors and frequency converters. These motor pump groups are reaching 3.5 tons.

Plastic components outside the norms, hydraulic completely made of SOMEDUR®, machined from a massive block material, with extra-large dimensions. The impeller is machined from a large diameter roll of 500mm and a height of 420mm (moulded upon a metallic insert), and a volute casing with a diameter bigger than 1 meter and a thickness reaching 450mm.

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