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Production process of SOMEFLU pumps

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SOFITEL – Seawater corrosion resistant plastic pumps

Porticcio’s SOFITEL

Porticcio’s SOFITEL – seawater corrosion resistant pumps

SOMEFLU’s association with ACCOR Group

It was industrial curiosity which led the SOMEFLU sales team  towards  entering  the first contract with the Porticcio’s SOFITEL, in 1989. Since then, about 10 establishments of the ACCOR group, and it’s many subsidiaries, selected SOMEFLU equipments, building an everlasting relationship for providing most dependable and durable equipments with reliable services, always…

At that time, the technical Director of the Porticcio’s SOFITEL was facing many problems with use of stainless steel pumps, which were not proving satisfactory for handling seawater. This was resulting in high maintenance and lot of consumption of spare parts and also replacement of pumps. It was the time to equip the plant with industrial pumps, specifically manufactured for corrosive fluids, as that of seawater in this case. « Even on holidays, opportunities are created. By chance, during a discussion… this year, members of SOMEFLU team met the technical Director of the SOFITEL and exchanged about the solution for  this difficult application. After an experience with a loaned SOMEFLU pump, an everlasting collaboration was created, that never stopped », related Mr Buresi, the Technical Director of the Corsican establishment.  He also added « My predecessor was convinced even though with an important decision of an initial investment, and made the choice on quality and technical features. »

“20 pumps used to produce hot and cold seawater for our baths”

An important machinery widely deployed

« At the moment, 20 pumps are used to produce hot and cold water for our baths, operating from 8h up to 20h, 7 days a week », explained Mr Buresi. Indeed, for the effectiveness of the massages, a thalassotherapy establishment needs constant flow rate at required pressure. But not only , « The SOMEFLU pumps ensure an optimal corrosion resistant pumping system, that is  fundamental aspect to provide quality, hygiene and security to our guests », added the Technical Director. Mr Buresi also insists on an important point of the collaboration : the anticipation of the supplier leadtimes. « We live on an island, so transportation is longer than on the mainland. With the SOMEFLU team, the arrangement is perfect and everything is organized for delivery of the spare parts, if needed, taking into account specific lead times. This after sales service knows all the specific ewquirements of each establishement, not only of Porticcio but also the others… thalassotherapy centers of the ACCOR group and subsidiaries, that rely on SOMEFLU ».

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