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SOMEFLU: Training and Industry 4.0


SOMEFLU: Training, the main challenge of the 4th industrial revolution

Training and Industry

At the time of digital transformation, in partnership with Eureka Industries, the corrosion-proof centrifugal pumps manufacturer is offering its technicians, its partners’ technicians and its clients specific training courses. Focus on this approach with Thierry Muraire, SOMEFLU distribution network manager.

Why is SOMEFLU offering this type of training?

We aim to increase the skills of the different people who participate in defining the equipment, optimising pumping stations and maintaining pumps. Training fulfils this requirement and we firmly believe that it is an excellent way of being at the centre and even of anticipating the industrial changes in our sector of activity. These training sessions teach everyone to manage and optimise TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or LCC (Life Cycle Cost), whether for SOMEFLU equipment or for other centrifugal pumps.

In practice, how are these training sessions conducted and who are they for?

We offer to our technicians and network partners 2 or 3-day modules which are also available to those of our clients who want to acquire and maintain internal knowledges. An instructor from EUREKA Industries and a SOMEFLU technician jointly give this training in our Bagnolet offices near Paris or on client sites.  There are two available courses: a “Fluids mechanic and single stage centrifugal pumps” module for technicians and technical sales staff. A: “SOMEFLU pump faults, troubleshooting, repair and reconditioning” module for After-Sales or maintenance technicians in charge of SOMEFLU assets. These courses are customised as per the participants’ profiles.

Beyond brand-related aspects, do these courses provide the recognition of increased skills?

Absolutely. They are organised in partnership with EUREKA Industries, which is an organisation that has been specialising in this activity for over 30 years, and which is recognised throughout the profession and industry. Eureka Industries meets the 21 quality criteria required by training legislation and is referenced on DataDock.  They also bear a “EUREKA/SOMEFLU” label and a skills certificate is issued following a formal knowledge assessment. This label is an obvious strength as it shows knowledge that is both general and specific to SOMEFLU pumps (knowledge of mechanics, fluid mechanics, pump operation, correct installation, repairing, troubleshooting methods, etc.).


> Ensure the technical selection

> Better advice on operating

> Install better

> Rightly repairing

> Increase the reliability

> Optimise the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

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