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Production process of SOMEFLU pumps

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“Sharing know-how and experience”

SOMEFLU Services regularly extends its training programme by offering theory courses on the operation, selection and running of our equipment. These quality theory courses are given jointly with a partner specialised in the field of technical training.

We also provide hands on training on-site or in the workshop on how to maintain our equipment and share our experience and know-how in the design and manufacture of plastic pumps.

In the workshop, for example, we offer:

  • Dismantling the machine and analysing its operation
  • Expertise of the various components
  • Corrosion, abrasion and cavitation phenomena on plastic
  • Explanation of the sealing systems and their advantages
  • Assembly and alignment
  • Tests on the test platform and the study of the results

Our Services team and our partners are at your service to fulfil your requirements.